Rupee Cash is an ERC-20 token pegged to the Indian rupee

Multiple Payment Options

End Users can buy cryptos easily using Credit / Debit Cards, Mobile Banking, Mobile Wallets, Internet Banking, etc.

Low Fees & Low Rolling Reserves

Gtd. Lowest Fees, Low Rolling Reserves in the market.

Blockchain enabled solution

Transparent accounting and settlement system.

Instant Settlement for Merchants

Instant (few-seconds) Settlement of purhcase amounts for merchants.

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A token operating on the Ethereum network

Pegged to the Indian rupee

Collaterized by a basket of cryptocurrencies such BTC, ETH, etc

With transparent reserves

Supported by MetaMask and similar dApps

Why Digi-Pay?

Digi-Pay is the only payment processor in the market which settles the purchase amounts instantly to the merchants and has blockchain-enabled accounting and settlement systems for maximum transparency. Also, the wide range of payment options with high success rate offered at low fees makes it an easy choice for merchants and users to transact using Digi-Pay.