This agreement sets all the rules that are required to use the service. Here we have clearly mentioned all the important details that are important to know the users before taking up the services.

In short, we have detailed the document that is important to understand as well as clear all the doubts. Here, the user refers to you or the person who is using the service, and we or US will describe it as the company. Furthermore, certain features are important to know and they are additional to guidelines, rules, and terms of policies. Hence, we have incorporated all the reference points in the agreement.

Accepting all the terms and conditions, simply means you are accepting the conditions and don’t have any objective with it. Before accepting, read them properly.

Important Point -

We request all our users to please have an indepth understanding of our contract. Before opting for the service, kindly go through every point and then only agree to it. Register on the platform only, if you are eligible in respect of your countries Law and government guidelines. Users may vary from countries residence to residence. For transparency and future aspects, we request you all to overlook all the terms and conditions and If in case, you are not eligible for any of the services or attending the event, we are not responsible. Hence, we are not standing up for any transactions or amounts that you have invested on our platform.

1. General Terms

All the set of rules and regulations listed here are designed by focusing on all the present conditions. The rules include all the selling and buying transactions rules and provide all the re-purchasing token policies that are required to know for all our users. We believe in full transparency and look forward to the same with our customers, who are using our services.

- Before starting the service we want our clients to read all the terms and conditions. It is important that our customers should understand all the points clearly without a doubt and then start with the services. It will help us to make the process transparent and avoid future conflicts.

  • In the initial stage only we are clearly announcing that we would not take any advice from our clients regarding the services. None of your advice will be considered as we have designed all the steps with full research and with industry experts that match our idea.
  • All the services are subject to the taxation process, we clearly state that both selling and reselling of the tokens are dependent on your countries laws. The company will take no responsibility for bearing any amount related to your residence aspects. The amount may vary as per the basis of our client’s nationality.
2. Recitals

As from the signing date of the agreement, we declare the customer will be the sole owner of the tokens that they have purchased and use them as per their convenience. In the midst, we will not interfere.

  • Once the agreement is signed between both parties that means that the client has lawfully purchased the tokens and they are the legal owners of the same. They will be provided with the credentials and can use them as well as with them, customers can ask for conditionals from the company. Once they get it, they are only holding the authority of it.
  • At the time of the agreement, customers have to submit all the documents that are required for the registration. There should be no missing of any documentation and the company also holds full rights to accept or reject the documents as per the situation.
  • The company holds full responsibility to avoid any transactions at the given moments even after purchasing of tokens.
  • The client should take the responsibility of returning the amount before the due date with the damage. If there is any damage proven
3.Sales and Purchase
  • On the terms of the agreement, clients take full responsibility for the tokens that are purchased by them and they can sell them to the company if they want with full ownership.
  • The clients can sell tokens in the form of the following cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum(ETH), Bitcoin SV (BSV), Stellar (XLM), Binance Coin (BNB), and other cryptocurrencies as per the company guidelines and amounts. The clients should be ready for all the conditions.
  • The company holds full rights to refuse the tokens as per the circumstances and we also hold the authority, to not provide any clarification and justifications.
  • In the midst, if the company requires any documentation, our clients have to support us in this process.
4. Company’s Warranties
  • The company providing you guarantees that all the statements or information that is present on this platform is fully reliable and our clients can trust it. It is not misleading anything.
  • The agreement is designed under the team of experts and under the law of different countries.
  • The company has all the power to provide this service and we are eligible in terms of government policies and other important formalities we have conducted that are required for the business and to offer you the services.
  • This agreement is fully legal and shares transparency and reliability that all the information is fully correct and we take it highly seriously.
  • The execution and delivery of our tokens require no formality from the third parties.
  • The funds provided to the company are not and should not also be a part of any unlawful activities
  • We don’t provide any service like nominees and agents.
5. Client’s Liability
  • In any case, if our team finds any false statements or proves that the information provided by our clients is not accurate then, our client has to pay the full amount or the price that the company asks for.
  • In the middle of services, customers are not allowed to make any relationships with our internal team. If it’s found, it will be treated as a fraud.
6. Confidentially

We keep all the information fully secure and confidential of our clients. In any case, we will not leak any details and the same we expect with our customers. We have opted for the advanced techniques to turn the system into fully secure and not allow you to disclose any info related to your services and other personal information. There are official agreements for our clients.

7. Personal Data Protection
  • We guarantee you in any case, we will not share any of your information with any third party. Your all details are fully secure to us and the documents we have are with us only. The number of information and documentation complies with the Anti-money laundering laws and regulations to the company.
  • Once our customers will back off from the services, we will delete all the information related to them. Nothing is safe in our system.
  • If in any case, the client declines from providing any personal info we hold full right to withdraw your services.
8. Notices
  • Our clients should take all the information and other notices on a serious note. We make sure that the notice will be delivered only in the English language.
  • We provide all the information to the official E-mail address that clients provided us or later on at the address provided during the registration.
9. Miscellaneous
  • We believe our customers to take all the policies and negotiations on a serious note.
  • Customers should understand their responsibilities and also put their efforts with the right mindset
  • We hold full rights to modify this document as per the time and situations.